The Hazel McCallion Foundation for the Arts, Culture and Heritage is a private, not-for-profit corporation that is responsible for investing the funds raised from The Mayor’s Gala each year, and administering the grants program in support of arts, culture and heritage. The Foundation also facilitates the public’s appreciation of the arts by funding educational workshops and presentations. Supporting a wide spectrum of cultural endeavours, the Foundation helps build the City’s excellence, innovation and diversity.

The Foundation was created by Mayor Hazel McCallion in June 2008, during her 30th year as Mayor of the City of Mississauga. Initiated with a transfer of $529,000, from the City of Mississauga, the Foundation is funded by the net proceeds of The Mayor’s Gala, by investment income from the endowment fund and through individual donations.

Funds are managed by the Foundation’s volunteer board of directors and the income derived from the investment of the Fund, is used to provide grants to support arts, culture and heritage initiatives. 

If you are interested in applying for a grant, please visit the Grants section of this website for more information.

“Enlivening our city through arts and culture, and preserving the best of our heritage, makes such a difference to the quality of life in our city. It is as essential to Mississauga’s growth as infrastructure and development - and equally as worthy of our investment.”

Mayor Hazel McCallion,
C.M., LL.D